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What is web.invoice?

With the help of web.invoice, you can use numerous functions of b.invoice such as e-invoicing, XRechnung, PEPPOL and format conversion and do not need a network protocol to transfer files. You create and manage e.g. your XRechnung with your partners user-friendly and location-independent via our web application. With your personal web.invoice access without any further installations you can immediately create and send XRechnung. At the same time web.invoice offers the administration of your business partners and the creation of multiple company profiles.

Conclusion: You can send your electronic invoices easily, quickly and cost-effectively using web.invoice, our new invoicing platform, via your Internet browser using PEPPOL.

What functions does web.invoice offer?

Entering and sending electronic invoices

Our web.invoice platform is connected to BESITEC’s certified PEPPOL Access Point. With our platform you have access to the complete PEPPOL network and can send your entered invoice to your invoice recipients in the PEPPOL network.

Using our invoice platform, you can send the following invoice formats:

    • XRechnung UBL
    • PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0
    • EN 16931
    • ZUGFeRD 
    • XRechnung CII 

Via our invoice platform (web.invoice) you can enter your invoice manually and send it electronically, independent of the system.

  • Personal web.invoice access
  • Access via your browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)
  • Manage and view your electronic invoices
  • Management of your business partners
  • Management of your company profile

Are you looking for a way to send electronic invoices cost-effectively without high implementation costs? Then send your electronic invoices via our invoice platform!


30 Year
  • 1 profile
  • up to 15 invoices per year


60 Year
  • 1 profile
  • up to 20 invoices per year
  • Peppol included


100 Year
  • 5 profiles
  • up to 60 invoices per year
  • Peppol included

Enterprise Plus

150 Year
  • 10 profiles
  • up to 200 invoices per year
  • Peppol included

Why e.invoice with web.invoice?

With the implementation of Directive 2014/55/EU, electronic invoicing has been partially mandatory for public contracts since 2020

Web.invoice is the affordable way to start sending electronic invoices (see price list). In addition, there are the following further cost savings:

  • More effective processes and faster invoice processing
  • No printing, postage and shipping costs
  • Lower personnel costs through automated processing at your invoice recipient’s site

Significant time savings are generated through automation at your invoice recipient:

  • Manual data entry and corrections are eliminated
  • Posting time not applicable
  • Processing times are shortened

web.invoice is constantly being further developed so that you can continue to send the most common invoice formats in the future.

web.invoice includes high security standards:

  • Application of the GoBD rules
  • Your invoices are archived on our servers in Germany
  • No invoice loss possible in the mail

By switching to e-invoicing, you not only save paper, but also environmentally harmful CO² emissions during production and the elimination of postal letter dispatch. This has been proven in a study by the Öko-Institut.

How does web.invoice work?

web.invoice is our further solution for your invoice processes. You create and manage your invoices on our web-based platform and send them via the PEPPOL network using our certified PEPPOL Access Point. Alternatively, you can download your invoice (e.g. XRechnung, BIS Billing 3.0 or even ZUGFeRD) and send it by e-mail.

In addition to web.invoice, we also offer a fully automated solution via EDI with b.invoice. Here we convert your invoice format from your system into the required format of your invoice recipients and send your invoice via your desired transmission channels (sftp, oftp2, webservice, etc.).

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