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Peppol enables fully automated electronic document exchange. This means: all participants can export and import documents from different processing systems without media discontinuity. In the context of electronic invoice transmission, the Peppol network is designed for the transmission of a high volume (mass transmission).

Automation in invoicing creates additional advantages


Peppol allows for uncomplicated processing without media discontinuity and without changing systems (machine-to-machine) for electronic invoicing. It is also possible to send a large number of e-bills, so-called mass exports.


Peppol guarantees the highest security standards and compliance with data protection when sending documents.


Once the technical connection has been made, invoices can be sent with just a few clicks in the company’s own ERP system.When transmitting via Peppol, operating errors are reduced and the transparency of the invoicing process is increased.


By introducing uniform and mandatory standards for all participants in the Peppol network, the exchange of documents from different systems is made much easier.

3 Transmission channels of e-invoices via Peppol

If you want to exchange digitised data via Peppol, there are 3 options for transmission. The advantages and disadvantages are described below.

Transmission by web service via Peppol of the government

  • Free co-use for sending e-bills to the federal invoice receipt platforms ZRE and OZG-RE possible.
  • Dependence on the implementation and the functionalities of the web service.
  • Only e-invoices in the current version of the XInvoice standard can be transmitted.
  • The e-invoice submission can only be made to the ZRE and OZG-RE.

Transmission through existing Peppol service providers such as Besitec

  • You are flexible in the use of Peppol:
    • Documents other than e-invoices can also be exchanged via Peppol.
    • Not only ZRE and OZG-RE can be addressed, but also other connected systems.
  • It is not necessary to set up your own access point, so the complexity of your own IT infrastructure is not increased by an additional Peppol access point.
  • Avoiding unforeseen costs: cost control when contracting with a Peppol service provider.
  • No additional paid OpenPeppol membership required.
  • Ensuring the availability of the network by the service provider.
  • Various competitors are available to choose from: You can choose the offer that suits you.
  • You are bound to the costs and technologies of your Peppol service provider.

Establishing your own Acess Point via a paid membership

  • Independence: You are independent in the implementation of your Peppol Access Point beyond the fulfilment of mandatory requirements.
  • You have control over the fact that the Peppol Access Point fits into the existing IT landscape as best as possible.
  • As a member of OpenPeppol you have direct influence on the technical and organisational future of Peppol
  • You pay costs:
    • Membership of OpenPeppol
    • Construction of the Peppol Access Point
    • Operation of the Peppol Access Point
    • And possible additional costs

Peppol with an interface to your systems

The joint use of Peppol is particularly easy if your ERP system can operate Peppol directly via an interface. This can be implemented together with a Peppol service provider such as BESITEC. If necessary, we can also register you in the Peppol network so that you can use your personal Peppol sender ID.

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