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Peppol eDelivery Network

Peppol uses the eDelivery Network to connect different eProcurement systems by establishing common business processes and technical standards. This provides an interoperable and secure network that connects all access points using the same electronic messaging protocol and formats and applies digital signature technologies to secure message content.

Peppol more than just Invoices

The goal of Peppol is to connect the sender and the receiver of electronic documents with each other. Both the sender and the recipient need a so-called access point to gain access to the Peppol network.

The sender sends his invoice, order or delivery note etc. to an access point. This reaches the access point of the recipient by means of the Peppol receiver ID. When the documents are made available to the recipient’s access point, the latter makes the documents available to the recipient. In this way, documents submitted via Peppol can also be further processed in your system.

Overview of the Peppol eDelivery Network

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Peppol Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)

All organisations participating in Peppol (e.g. contracting authorities or suppliers) publish their receiving capabilities (delivery addresses, supported business processes and document types, etc.) via a separate service called the Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).

The purpose of the SMP is similar to an address book or business register that contains details of participants within a particular eProcurement community.

Typically, an SMP is provided to complement an access point as they publish details to customers of the access point. However, an SMP can also be provided as a standalone service by a third party organisation.

Peppol Service Metadata Locator (SML)

In order to deliver electronic documents from a sender to the correct recipient, all Peppol access points need to know about each other and the subscribers they serve.

For this purpose, Peppol maintains a central service, the Service Metadata Locator (central registration system for addressing). The Peppol SML defines which Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) should be used to find out the provisioning details of a Peppol subscriber. This is a similar approach to how the World Wide Web can find websites based on their domain names. The Peppol SML is a core service that identifies all Peppol trusted access points and SMPs.

Peppol Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The security and integrity of business transactions over the Peppol eDelivery Network is based on the use of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to establish a trusted network.

When Access Point or SMP providers sign the Peppol Transport Infrastructure Agreements, they receive a Peppol Digital Certificate. This certificate contains the most important information for validating all communication in the Peppol network. The certificate is valid as long as the transport infrastructure agreement is valid and can be revoked if service providers violate the agreement. This ensures that only known and trusted providers offer services in the eDelivery Network.

Technical specifications can be found in the eDelivery Network Specifications.

How to become part of the Peppol network?

In order for information (electronic invoices, orders, delivery notes) to be sent via the PEPPOL network, you must be connected to a PEPPOL Access Point.
An access point is a certified PEPPOL partner who is authorised to connect you to the PEPPOL network.
Once you are connected to the network, you can reach all PEPPOL users, regardless of which access point they are connected to.

BESITEC is a certified Peppol Acess Point Provider

If you would like to be connected to the network, please contact us. You will then receive a PEPPOL ID through which you will be connected to the network.

Kontakt: Jannik Stamm, Head of EDI
Telefon: +49 40 359641 259

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