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electronic invoice via Peppol

With the help of Besitec you get access to the Peppol network and have the possibility to send your invoice worldwide.


Using the Peppol network with Besitec

As a certified Peppol Access Point Provider, Besitec offers you to connect to our Peppol Access Point and thus exchange invoices and all documents in the procurement process with your business partners.

What is Peppol?

Peppol stands for Pan-European Public Procurement Online and provides an open standard with which invoice and procurement processes can be created completely electronically and automatically. Peppol is a cross-border network and allows documents to be exchanged via a single connection with all partners registered in Peppol, the so-called Peppol Access Point Provider (Besitec is a certified access point provider). Peppol of course supports Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement and is therefore suitable for B2G, but can also be used for B2B data exchange.

Advantages of Peppol

  • The order & invoice processes with e.g. order, order confirmation, the shipping notification and the invoice can be automatically exchanged, created and processed.
  • The immediate delivery of order and invoice documents shortens the payment period and thus improves cash flow.
  • Time-consuming, manual and error-prone processes such as the manual entry of data into the systems are eliminated.
    The integration of further future Peppol-capable partners is essential
  • Thanks to Peppol, many individual formats and partner-specific transmission protocols are eliminated
  • Data exchange takes place via secure access points
  • Besitec provide with his web applicaition web.invoice easy acess to the peppol network and the interface is really clear and user-friendly, simple to handle and does not require complex implementation 
  • Digitization, here with regard to the exchange of electronic documents, belongs to the future.
  • In the B2G sector, electronic invoicing is already mandatory in many countries. Peppol was developed throughout Europe by the EU as a key network. Existing national systems and standards can be integrated with Peppol.
  • The Peppol network is growing strongly. Once connected to Besitec's Peppol Access Point, the potential reach to share your documents with customers and suppliers automatically increases.

How does Peppol work?

Different message types (e.g. invoices and orders) are exchanged in standardized formats (e.g. BIS Billing 3.0 or XInvoice) via the Peppol network. The exchange in the Peppol network takes place via access points. Besitec operates such an access point and has been certified as a Peppol Access Point Provider. The “4-Corner-Model” describes the functionality of the Peppol network very well. Peppol integrates business processes by standardizing the way information is structured and shared. Whether you’re sending invoices or handling other business transactions, Peppol provides a common digital language for businesses around the world.

Peppol 4 Corner-Modell

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