BESITEC EDI Dienstleister Peppol Access Point Provider

Business Partner

Shaping the future with our business partners

Our customers

Bertling Logistics has been using all our b.products since 2003.

MSC has been our major customer in the areas of b.edi, b.invoice and since 2003.

Dallmayer has been using b.edi and b.invoice for numerous suppliers and customers since 2014.

Omega has been using b.edi and b.invoice for purchase orders, delivery bills and your invoices, among other things, since 2018.

With the help of b.edi and b.invoice, Zerhusen has been exchanging documents with its customers and suppliers since 2018.

Web applications, among other things, are developed for Bertling Enviro within our product.

OneBulk uses b.edi and as part of a joint venture.

BREKOM uses our Peppol Access Point to send XBills.

Our Lithuanian customer Edisoft sends electronic invoices fully automated via our PEPPOL Access Point.

In years of cooperation, various integration projects were successfully implemented to improve various business processes.

Via our invoicing platform “web.invoice” VIA GUIDE transmits the digital invoice to its foreign customer.

Herhof sends its eInvoices to Croatia and other countries via PEPPOL using our electronic invoicing platform “web.invoice”.

Secure Cloud Services automates the sending of invoices via EDI and PEPPOL with the help of Besitec. In cooperation, we developed an individual solution to enable subsidiaries to send messages from in the same way.

The cameo Laser Franz Hagemann GmbH transmits its eInvoices as PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 format via our Invoice platform to Belgium.

Our partners

We have been working with our partners for the NSW-PLUS research project for several years.


We have a long-standing partnership with BESITEC, which has helped us to position MSC Germany for the future in the digital world as well. That is why BESITEC is a partner whose services we are happy to use and on whom we will continue to rely in the future.

Hubert Hoffmann CIO & CDO, MSC Germany S.A. & CO. KG

BESITEC helped us connect the entire Bertling fleet to the Internet by installing advanced technologies and systems on board. All tasks were completed on time and in a highly professional manner, even while our ships continued to operate.

Ralf Veigel Technical Director, F.H. Bertling Reederei GmbH

Extensive knowledge combined with technical expertise and agile development cycles are BESITEC's greatest performance characteristics for Bertling Logistics. BESITEC stands for flexibility, technical know-how, industry experience as well as a cooperative, long-term partnership and has thus become an indispensable part of the Bertling Logistics value chain.

Colin Maclsaac CEO, Bertling Logistics Group

The cooperation with Besitec is uncomplicated and when support is needed, it is tackled and implemented very quickly.

Claus Büchold Kfm. Leiter bei Secure Cloud Services GmbH

BESITEC helped us to provide digital invoices to our foreign customers easily and quickly. Even when we had problems or questions, they were always quick and competent to provide us with advice and support. BESITEC is a partner we can rely on. For these reasons, we look forward to a long-term partnership.

Sascha Stodt EDV/IT bei Via Guide

"Besitec's invoice platform web.invoice helps us to send invoices electronically, quickly and conveniently. The web-based platform is easy to use and offers a very good and inexpensive way to send our invoices via PEPPOL, even abroad."

Manuela Weidner Buchhaltung bei Herhof

"The cooperation with Besitec is very trustworthy and the work is solution and service-oriented at all times. With the help of Besitec, we have managed to digitize and optimize various processes in e-procurement."

Klaus Warmbrunn Leitung Einkauf/ Head of Purchasing bei Gräper Herhof

"We are very pleased with our cooperation with Besitec (Bertling EDI Service & IT GmbH). The technical solution works flawlessly and communication is prompt, professional and pleasant."

Julius Gurevičius Business Development Manager bei Edisoft