BESITEC EDI Dienstleister Peppol Access Point Provider

b.intelligent with b.products

We digitize your processes with our b.products.


Electronic invoicing

We automate and digitize your invoicing processes with all your partners in B2B, B2C and B2G!

Your electronic invoices are also easily sent to public clients in the new XInvoice format via BESITEC’s own PEPPOL Access Point.


Data exchange

We plan and develop EDI interfaces for the electronic data exchange of your applications and your customers’ software!

With the help of an EDI interface, various processes such as orders, applications and invoices can be used for both internal and external process automation.


Electronic billing platform

With the help of web.invoice you can use numerous functions of b.invoice such as e-invoicing, XInvoice, PEPPOL and format conversion and do not need a network protocol to transfer files. You create and manage e.g. your XInvoices with your partners user-friendly and location-independent via our web application.


Transport Management System (TMS)

We meet the industry’s requirements for IT services! An integrated Transport Management System (TMS) for air, sea and land transportation with access to centrally stored data from anywhere in the world, high flexibility, avoidance of duplicate entries, seamless connection to external systems and regular updates.


We plan, implement and manage your IT systems (infrastructure, ERP, Power System) and enable you to work carefree and secure!

Our IT portfolio includes know-how in the following areas:ERP systems, IT help desk, infrastructure, system implementation and administration, IT systems of your ship fleet, IBM Power Systems