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Integration with b. edi

Your electronic data interchange (EDI)

We connect you with your business partners by
planning and developing your electronic data interchange!

b.edi offers...

Functions of b.edi

Receiving, processing/ converting and sending electronic data

b.edi supports the following transmission protocols:

  • AS2
  • ftp
  • sftp
  • oftp2
  • webservice
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • email

If other communication protocols are required, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Conversion of your data package or your document (e.g. orders, delivery bills, purchase orders, confirmations, invoices) into the format required by your partners. For this purpose, we support the following formats with b.edi:

    • XInvoice
    • XML
    • IDoc
    • VDA
    • X12
    • JSON
    • PDF
    • ZUGFeRD
    • Other specific in-house formats

Logs/protocols and data/documents are available via our web-based platform. Mandatory you will be proactively notified in case of error handling and our EDI experts are ready for support/questions. 

Our EDI customers

Why b.edi?

With our b.edi product you get solutions around EDI from one source.

By switching to EDI, you will reduce your costs tremendously due to the following improvements:

  • Lower personnel costs due to automated processing
  • Error reduction leads to lower follow-up costs due to less manual input
  • Digitization in correspondence

Significant time savings are generated through automation:

  • Manual data entry and corrections are eliminated
  • Internal processing times are shortened

b.edi is flexible and future-proof and can be adapted and extended for your individual requirements even after implementation:

  • Individually designable according to your requirements
  • We keep b.edi technically up to date

With the help of b.edi you can exchange your data with business partners from all over the world.

Using the EDI protocols, business processes with your partners can be monitored and traced at any time.

How does b.edi work?

elektronischer Datenaustausch

Integration with your business partners

With the help of b.edi, we bring EDI into your company and connect you with your business partners. With b.edi, you can use your supply chains and B2B networks to retrieve data directly from a business partner’s enterprise resource planning system, for example, or send it in seconds. You and your business partners can easily exchange data and documents all over the world, from orders to invoices to requests for quotes to credit applications and much more, just like in internal ERP systems.

We speak all formats and use all EDI protocols

b.edi converts your company’s own formats and then transmits them to your business partners in a defined format. b.edi ensures that both sender and recipient can read and use the document in the same way. We develop interfaces with you based on EDIFACT, XML, JSON or other standards and connect your systems quickly and effectively with your business partners, e.g. via sftp or API interfaces.

Individual processes and full control

We have developed b.edi in such a way that standard processes are used, but you still have the flexibility to design your individual process requirements. In addition, you have full control over your processes and documents via our web-based platform and 24/7 monitoring.

Why Besitec ?


BESITEC has been successfully developing individual solutions for leading companies in numerous industries since 2003. Our success is based on the fact that we constantly question our experience and knowledge in order to always draw the optimal lessons and produce new ideas.


Data and system security is our top priority. That is why we not only regularly review our security concepts, but also ensure the highest possible level of security when selecting our partners and external software and hardware.


The digital transformation is changing the world markets at an unprecedented speed. Accordingly, the continuous development of our knowledge and technologies is absolutely necessary and is a top priority for us.