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We connect you with your business partners by planning and developing your electronic data exchange!

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b.edi supports the following transmission protocols:

  • ActiveMQ
  • AS2
  • sftp
  • oftp2
  • webservice
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • X400
  • email

If other communication protocols are required, we will be happy to discuss them with you.


Conversion of your data package or your document (e.g. orders, delivery bills, purchase orders, confirmations, invoices) into the format required by your partners. For this purpose, we support the following formats with b.edi:

  • XRechnung
  • XML
  • IDoc
  • VDA
  • X12
  • JSON
  • PDF
  • Other specific in-house formats


Your EDI platform and monitoring

Minimize risks and gain reliability through our 24/7 EDI process monitoring

EDI implementation checklist

Streamline Your Project with These 4 Essential Steps

Get Started on the Right Foot: Our Checklist Guides You Through the Key Considerations Before Your Project Launches

Why b.edi?

From one source

With our b.edi product you get solutions around EDI from one source.

Cost savings

By switching to EDI, you will reduce your costs tremendously due to the following improvements:

  • Lower personnel costs due to automated processing
  • Error reduction leads to lower follow-up costs due to less manual input
  • Digitization in correspondence

Time saving

Significant time savings are generated through automation:

  • Manual data entry and corrections are eliminated
  • Internal processing times are shortened


b.edi is flexible and future-proof and can be adapted and extended for your individual requirements even after implementation:

  • Individually customizable according to your requirements
  • We keep b.edi technically up to date


With the help of b.edi you can exchange your data with business partners from all over the world.


Using the EDI protocols, business processes with your partners can be monitored and traced at any time.

Your contact person

Jannik Stamm

Your personal contact for electronic invoices and data exchange (EDI)

Jannik Stamm

Head of EDI

How does b.edi work?

Integration with your business partners

With the help of b.edi, we bring EDI into your company and connect you with your business partners. With b.edi, you can use your supply chains and B2B networks to retrieve data directly from a business partner’s enterprise resource planning system, for example, or send it in seconds. You and your business partners can easily exchange data and documents all over the world, from orders to invoices to requests for quotes to credit applications and much more, just like in internal ERP systems.

We speak all formats and use all EDI protocols

b.edi converts your company’s own formats and then transmits them to your business partners in a defined format. b.edi ensures that both sender and recipient can read and use the document in the same way. We develop interfaces with you based on EDIFACT, XML, JSON or other standards and connect your systems quickly and effectively with your business partners, e.g. via sftp or API interfaces.

Individual processes and full control

We have developed b.edi in such a way that standard processes are used, but you still have the flexibility to design your individual process requirements. In addition, you have full control over your processes and documents via our web-based platform and 24/7 monitoring.


Your EDI platform and monitoring

Minimize risks and gain reliability through our 24/7 EDI process monitoring

Monitoring your processes
with Besitec

Among other things, we monitor our system and your EDI processes so that your risks are minimized through continuous monitoring of your digital business processes!

Your EDI platform

With the help of our EDI platform, you will not only be able to track your processes, but you will also get many more features that will make your operation’s daily routine easier!

Our monitoring services at a glance


Modern EDI monitoring directly in the browser

Modern EDI monitoring directly in the browser

You can track and check your EDI processes web-based. You get a personal access to web.edi and off you go!


Around the clock 24/7 surveillance

Around the clock 24/7 surveillance

You have the possibility to send electronic data 24/7 to your business partners. At the same time, our monitoring also supervises your processes around the clock.

Test intervals

Test and process intervals adjustable to within minutes

Test and process intervals adjustable to within minutes

Your individual processes require individual checks and process execution to ensure safety and speed. We configure this according to your needs.

Real-time alerts

Immediate notification for you and us

Instant notification for you and us

In order to resolve system or process errors as quickly as possible, you and we will receive immediate notification with error type.

System landscape

Monitoring of your processes and related systems

Monitoring your processes and related systems

We monitor the EDI processes, networks, operating systems, databases, security, e-mails, infrastructure and servers

EDI Implementation Checklist

Streamline Your Project with These 4 Essential Steps

Get Started on the Right Foot:
Our Checklist Guides You Through the Key Considerations Before Your Project Launches

Step #1

What are my requirements?

  • Which processes do I want to automate (order, delivery call-off, delivery bill, invoice, etc.)?
  • What are the technical possibilities of my ERP system? Wird bereits EDI eingesetzt?
  • Are capacities and know-how available in-house or is support from an EDI service provider needed?

Clarification of requirements

Step #2

Who are my EDI business partners?

  • How much data is exchanged with customers, suppliers or both?
  • Do my business partners already use EDI?
  • Which document types and file formats are used by my business partners?

Coordination with EDI partner

Step #3

What needs to be considered when planning the implementation?

  • Who does project organization and scheduling?
  • Is the IT infrastructure required for a test and a productive system needed?
  • How do partner requirements for formats and data transfer compare to your own framework?
    Is a conversion/ mapping required?
  • How compatible are the own master data with that of the business partner?

Implementation planning

Step #4

What does the project implementation look like?

  • The technical project implementation as well as the project organization is usually taken over by Besitec, as your EDI service provider!
  • We analyze your ACTUAL processes with you and develop the efficient automated TARGET processes individually tailored to your requirements and processes!
  • We search with you and your business partners the best solutions regarding transmission, connection and message format!
  • We take care of the exchange as well as conversion of the data!
  • The go-live usually takes place in parallel operation with the old processes in order to complete the project successfully with little conflict and together with all project participants!
  • We accompany your live operations with our support and are also there for you after the project!

Project implementation

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